Hiya Everybody!

My name is Tatiana or you can call me Tati! I'm the creator of HiyaTati!

My vision for HiyaTati is to light up people's lives while encouraging simplicity and happiness through every design.

What I create from clothing to accessories are what I use as my canvas for limitless self-expression!

If you don't see me vending, I'm probably playing Tekken or creating new products for you guys to enjoy!

Can't wait to meet you all and stay safe!

Highlights from Events

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Hammonton Newspaper

"Tatiana McNeil brought her business, HiyaTati, which she named after the phrase “Hiya, I’m Tati.” Her business included hoodie, stickers, t-shirts and charms and McNeil is at the event after being in the event in 2021 and made sure to bring more items with her to this year’s event.

“I actually came in at the 2021 Hammonton festival and that was my first event ever so I’m coming back two years later with more stuff because the first time around, I only had a whole bunch of t-shirts and now I have hoodies, long sleeves and tote bags so you know, I’m doing something. I’m just looking to have some fun with my family here, I’m here with my mom and my aunt so it’s a little girls day,” McNeil said. "

- Mohammed Fuad

May 29, 2023